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E-Packets - The instructions and photos for these packets are available in electronic format only. Once your order is processed you will receive an email with PDF file attached.

Angels E-Packets

Knotty Angel E-Packet by Patsy Schultis

Knotty Angel E-Packet

Knotty Angel is a sweet little angel who is tying the knot on Jeanne Downing's 6x8 artist panel entitled Wrap it with Roses. I used oils on this ready to paint background. The pattern comes with complete instuctions, line drawing, color placement map, color photo, and color swatches.

Knotty Angel E-Packet - $6.00

Angel Lacy E-Packet by Patsy Schultis

Angel Lacy E-Packet

This little angel with lacy wings is painted on Jeanne Downing's pretty 6x8 artist panel or canvas entitled Rose confection with oils. This sweet little angel is quick and easy to paint. No background to prepare, just give the surface a quick spray with Krylon Matte spray and apply your pattern. The pattern includes color photo, complete instructions, color swatches, and a color placement map.

Angel Lacy E-Packet - $6.00

Animals E-Packets

Delicious E-Packet by Patsy Schultis

Delicious E-Packet

This red fox painting is done in watercolors on a 11x14 piece of 140 lb watercolor paper. We have so many foxes around, and we always find feathers of a bird foolish enough to build a nest on the ground. The background is black green, and attached to the painting are real bird feathers, which I'm afraid were one of fox's meals.

Delicious E-Packet - $6.00

Come a Little Closer E-Packet by Patsy Schultis

Come a Little Closer E-Packet

This cat with the longing eyes tells a very simple story. Painted on a 9x12 piece of Masonite and plexiglass, in oils, this project gives you tips on painting straight lines for the wall paper, as well as using an old technique referred to as reverse glass painting. Paint your own cat if you choose, and personalize the painting. The pattern includes a color photo, complete instructions, and a color placement map.

Come a Little Closer E-Packet - $6.00

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